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Cacao Brothers

Originated with passion and made with love

Welcome, enjoy and contribute

From passion and a benefit for all system Cacao Brothers was born. We stand for transparency, awareness, restoring and preserving nature and moving from loving intentions.


We respect the tradition and mysticism behind this magical plant. We find it essential to have a good relationship with the producer and the plant. That's why we travel to the destination, go on cacao tours and meet the producer.

Did you know that every order contributes to the reconstruction of nature and that you support the Ecotree nature project?

Discover the magic!

The vision of Cacao Brothers is inside out. We aim to bring you closer to yourself and from there to make the movement outside.

Discover the magic within yourself first, then you will also discover the magic in the outside world

We believe in the balance between Doing and Being. Cacao opens your heart to enter into a deeper connection within yourself. It also gives an energetic boost physically and mental clarity and peace. So perfect to To be or just to go for something To do. It just depends on what your intention is aimed at.

You ARE magic


There are many ways to contribute to a more sustainable world. We find the balance between giving and taking important. That is why we give back to Mother Earth.

You contribute to this with every order. We are affiliated with the Ecotree foundation, which is primarily responsible for the conservation and reconstruction of nature. read here more about our project.

It is nature that provides us with life and keeps us alive.

The Cacao Shop

Ready for some high vibe cacao!?

Our products consist of 100% pure cacao. Every order creates a win-win-win-win situation: you support the locals who produce the cacao, nature, us and you make yourself a special gift.

Tip: also super fun to give as a gift!

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